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About Albzmadeit

Albert Marealle who goes by Albzmadeit is an Illustrator specialising in Character Design and animation from East London whose art is heavily influenced by Anime, Hip Hop and Black Culture. Albz' work focuses on representation as well as making sure that the viewers feel emotions of joy, happiness, motivation and inspiration when viewing his work as well as being able to relate to the pieces made and see themselves in his work; a sense of tapping into the culture. Since beginning his artistic journey in 2017,  Albz has been able to showcase his passion for art through personal illustrations, taking on client work ranging from Podcast Cover art to T Shirt designs to expanding his skills as an illustrator and tapping into the animation world and produced an opening sequence for his animation project Youngstarz.


Albzmadeit is primarily self-taught taking on everything he's learnt throughout his life and has their own approach to - and definition of - art. They believe in constantly taking risks and believe that inspiration can be found wherever they look. Versatility is a value in Albz' practice.

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